Self moti for the win

Alrighty…let’s jump into another post by yours truly.

Today… I wanna write about self-motivation and how I personally think it’s the most powerful trait one can have!

So the other day I overheard a conversation about how someone found it hard to get up and study and do something for their studies unless someone is there watching/getting them to do something.
They said they found it easier to get up for work in the morning (well because frankly they have to get up) than to get up and do some studies on their own.

Now I personally can’t relate to this at all and I always thought that that’s how most people would be but turns out I was wrong (OH SOO WRONG haha). For me it was always easy to get up and do something if I wanted to get something. I’ve always been a go getter kinda (well at least I am telling myself I am hahaha but remember the cat who thinks he’s a tiger…only really matters what I think about myself really right??). I like getting up early, even on my days off and get stuff done. I like to live by this quote by Miss JLaw: “I hate waking up without a goal and going to sleep without achieving anything”

You know that doesn’t mean we wake up and need to do something life changing…but seriously just stuff that I want to achieve/accomplish on that day I need to accomplish. So for me it can be as small as ‘I want to finish filming and editing this video’ or ‘I want to clean my flat, get up decorations for xmas and make a food shop’. Right I know this sounds simply and easy but I set myself that goal and then have a great satisfaction achieving it. Personally I hate doing nothing with my day (now don’t get me wrong there are days where I just want to relax and do nothing!! Don’t we all???) I want the feeling of success everyday in my life.

All of this just really depends on how you define success and how you define achieving something. I set small everyday goals and still get this great feeling out of it. I promise you it makes life soo much better!!

And to get back to the motivating yourself to get up and study…I always found this sooo easy!! During my Abitur (A-levels over here) I used to get up everyday at 7/8am went for a jog bought some bread rolls on my way back home, had breakfast and then spend 3h studying, had a break for lunch and just to relax take my mind of it and then went back for another 3h of studying and had the evening to myself. I was extremely satisfied and proud of myself for doing this! It all comes down to your personal motivation!! Sometimes you gotta get over the pig inside of you, the little voice that wants to do nothing…and get up, go out and get it!! However small your goal for the day is!! Make sure you always have one!!!

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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