Humanity’s Idiotism…

Right…guys this is a serious post…and I got “inspired” to write this in light of the awful news of Paris tonight.

Nothing I am writing here has anything directly to do with what is currently happening there at all, it purely reminded me of my hatred for humanity and everything we’ve build. Let the 77th Hunger Games begins…

What can I say…these are pretty dark thoughts but to me the human race is the worst species to ever “rule” the world. I mean let’s be honest… yes, that brain of ours is an absolutely wondrous organ which we can produces such wonderful miracles with…but it’s also (no doubt) the root of all the evil in the world. It’s the simple but oh so stupid thought that us humans are the superior race, which breeds our lack of respect for others and also has turned us into arrogant pricks who think we rule over everything. Not only are we with no doubt destroying our planet, we also do not give a shit (excuse my language) about animals…Jesus I mean sooo many species are close to extinction and not necessarily due to a natural process but because of us. We seem to just purely forget that most of them are the reasons we are actually still alive and thriving. (Personally it pains me to think that most tiger species are only existing in terrible low numbers — Fav animal right here).
And worst of all… we certainly do NOT bloody care for our own race…(oh and I obviously am generalising this I care for other humans and I’m sure all of you my beautiful readers do — just wanted to be clear here).
This is far from what happened tonight in Paris…this is just visible in our close interactions with colleagues or simply people you just pass on the street…You can see it everywhere…we mistreat each other everywhere – no respect, no care for other people.
Sometimes I am shocked as to how less of an understanding we seem to have of this. It’s like we turn a blind eye and just pretend it’s all going to be alright. Even better sometimes…it’s just not happening…”doesn’t (directly) affect us”
For some I’m sure it must be just pure entertainment (until it does directly affect them)…There we go Hunger Games all over…

Truth of the matter in my eyes is…it won’t ever be alright…there will always be those people who see themselves as superior to others and the planet…which leads to others feeling suppressed and unhappy…which will breed “attacks” like the one’s tonight.

I am in no way an expert or anything on anything like this but I sure can say that I am disappointed to say this is the world I’ve grown up in and that others will grow up in. It is so sad to see what we are doing to each other…to our animals…to our planet.
And NASA guess what Water on Mars won’t change the way humanity is! Boo-hoo!

What a shame we are not just using that beautiful brain of ours for wonders…

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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