It’s Halloween…Pumpkin Carving Time!!!!

Alright, alright, alright…ladies and gents…welcome to Birthday Week with Maria The German!!!!

Yay so this week is my birthday so I wanna do some fun special things…and tada…number 1 is…come on give me a drumroll…PUMPKIN CARVING!!!

Yes so whilst I was away spending some time mainly with myself…(because come on I am my closest friend it was awesome haha). I also wanted to spend some quality time with my mum (because she’s badass and an inspiration). So we decided to do something we haven’t done before…PUMPKIN CARVING!!! Yay!!!

It was super fun and really gave us some time to laugh and talk and just be with one another…plus I think the results turned out quite awesome (and I ain’t blowing our own trumpet here hahahah).

But see for yourself:

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: Maria The Germa


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