Guess who’s back….back again!!!

Alrighty guys…where to start… I am terribly sorry that I haven’t posted on here in AAGGESS!!!

The reason being I just needed a break from a lot of things to be honest. I went on holiday to see my mum and literally do nothing but sleep and relax and think! I now feel like I’ve fuelled up on energy and am ready to get back to express all my weird thoughts on here again!

So instead of dedicating this to a specific topic I feel like I’m just gonna write about my time back home! Yes, yes I said I did nothing which is kinda true but I did nothing with my awesome mother, who is such a superstar. She was so amazing that she booked me….*drummroll* not 1 but 2 anti-stress thai massages!!!! Ahhh it was the best I gotta tell you…well kinda because it was super super painful as well… as the cute little lady said to me: “you had this for long time eh? All muscles and tendons are stuck together…very painful now but will be better, will be better after” well I gotta say my back feels a bit free-er but my muscles are still sore…I better keep getting massages up somehow haha

We also actually did something…we carved pumpkins!!! It was the funnest thing haha don’t worry I captured it all on film so will present this to you guys in a video next week! 🙂

Anyways…this one is just a little update…but fear not I have plenty to write about!!! So onto more posts again from yours truly  Maria The German 🙂

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: Maria The Germa


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