Time (sadly) flies…

Alright, alright, alright…brothers and sisters…let’s do some preaching here, shall we? 

So as you’ve noticed I’ve been pretty bad with updating on here lately and listen I find this just as disturbing and hurtful as you (and you better do haha) but sadly I found it so hard to take the time and wrote my thoughts down since I’ve been back from holiday!! 

It’s such a shame isn’t it??? You might now think “oh how long does it even take to write a post” well yeah it might not necessarily take long to write but I want it to be quality so I do not wanna rush out a post just for the sake of keeping this up to date you know? I want to share my weird thoughts with you guys for the sake of sharing those. 

So the issue with time eh?? That bloody saying had to be so true…it most certainly flies… Like in a week where I work well over 40h to ensure I can stay in this beautiful city called London I barely even find the time to see all my favourite people… Shift patterns are not a friend of social gatherings are they?? (Sorry office workers this doesn’t really apply to you although I’m sure you find it just as hard to make time for this) 

So the spare time I’ve got I gotta make sure I clean my clothes and have food in the fridge, I need to look after my precious baby who needs love and attention too, I want to see my friends whenever I can and I of course wanna do the stuff I like doing for myself…but time man time does not understand me there…. 

So when I’m sitting here on the go to work thinking about time and how fast it leaves us I do once more appreciate the things and most importantly people I do get time to spend with! 

Do not ever not cherish any moment of your life it could be gone so quick!! 

Onto more posting again!!! I shall make the time my family! 

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: Maria The German


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