Living in Paradise?

Alright, alright, alright…boys and girls it’s time to get back on this right??
Trust me I’ve missed this as much as I hope you did too!!!

Seeing as I’m still having a bit of holiday blues…I thought about whether or not I could live in the beauty of paradise? I mean could you? Really though??

You know how we always say that we wish we could stay forever? I mean let’s be honest it’s not like we are gonna stay forever and just do nothing (more or less) like we do on our holidays, right?

I’m not gonna lie to you I would indeed love to live somewhere that gets a bit more sun than we get here in London…England…and you wanna know why? because people who live in countries with more sunshine are most certainly the happier kind! Now please do not feel offended or anything I am not saying us lot in the rainy countries are unhappy. I am just saying that my friend who’s been in Australia now for 2 years told me that everybody is just a little bit more relaxed and all. And science told us that sunshine most certainly plays a huge part in that no?

So yes… I’d love to live somewhere with a bit more sunshine…but could I live in paradise and paradise to me is literally those beautiful islands we go on holiday to…the answer to that would most certainly be..NO.
Reason being that yes wait for it…I’d be bored…the two times I’ve been to the canaries now I just feel like it’s such a secluded live not much happens there right? I mean let’s be honest I doubt that JT will play a concert in Tenerife? (Do correct me though if I am wrong). It’s a rural life I suppose…which as I mentioned in previous post can be just as fulfilling but seeing as I am almost 26 (GOD I KNOW I’M GETTING OLD HAHA) I suppose our world where everything is at our grasp has taken hold of me too.

Anyway guys what are your thoughts let me know!!!

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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