A pot of colour

Alright, alright, alright…boys and girls… I just gotta get this out of my system.

I promise you I am an expert women in this field…who ever has known me for years knows I have done plenty of experimentation with my hair and its colour. Man I actually do feel sorry for it…but it still seems to love me (Thank god…) as it’s still super soft and shiny (yay to me). Anyways so what I am getting at here is that I have been there done that and I know the struggles that come with hair dying.

Nevertheless I do not understand when people decide to dye their hair themselves but they cannot or do not wanna make sure it looks good!! What I mean by that is that I have seen plenty of women running around with a hair colour on their head that looks like it’s been painted on. If black doesn’t suit you do not dye your hair black and if you do it is sooo super important to keep the shine in your hair because if not that is when it looks like a cheap wig! (I used to have black hair so I know what I am talking about!). And blonde… oh dear lord…blonde hahaha, okay so I do dye my hair myself and I am super proud of the results as I get asked a lot who does my hair colour so I must be doing something right. The reason that I get these kind of reactions though is that I take care of my hair but also I make sure I use good colours to achieve my results.

Let’s be honest to ourselves, the reason we dye our hair at home is to safe some hard earned cash right? That’s why I do it. I spend roundabout £20 ever month and a half to two months on my hair colour, which is a hell lot less than I would spend at a hairdresser. Why do I spend £20 because I do not wanna run around with a dead colour.

I am preaching to everyone…please go ahead and dye your hair yourself but make sure it doesn’t look like you painted your hair but it looks like you’re coming from a salon!

What’s your thoughts? Are you dying your hair yourself?

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: MariaTheGerman

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