Men’s prey!

Well, well, well… alright boys and girl…time for a rant here right??

So I am sure by now we know each other a little bit right??? And I am sure you all by now know how much of a feminist I am right?? Haha…well anyway…it just bugs me massively how women can’t just go out in shorts or a short skirt without being “harassed” by men…I do not mean that they come and actually touch us or some sorts…I mean the pure intensity of looks and comments made…

It’s just such a shame that we are getting reduced to our appearance so much still…LISTEN if I am fucking roasting because it’s over 30 degrees celcius…I will wear shorts and a short top in the park…in the city…wherever I want to go…like sometimes I feel like I am a walking piece of meat and a lion is just about to pounce on me… haha okay a bit of a drastic comparison but you get the gist…

I know us women are some beautiful creatures…dear God I know that…but please do not make me feel uncomfortable for trying to make myself comfortable!!!

In the same sense though…other females…please for the love of God (God is strong today can you feel it hahaha) stop putting one another down for it…just because a girl wants to wear that short pair of erm…SHORTS…just leave her be…yes fair enough you do not agree with it…and it might go against your standards but that doesn’t mean we all have to life by it!!! Us women we should support each other not put each other down. Stand up together against pervy men.. (guys don’t be mad we still love you lots…just keep your comments about how sexy my ass looks to yourself…you know keep the cool exterior … bit of advice works better than voicing your thoughts in that case 😉 ) and celebrate being beautiful in the sunshine!!!

Right let me know your thoughts RIGHT NOW!!!

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: Maria The German

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