Tanning gone wrong

Well, well, well it’s time for another blog post my friends…. This time I wanna cover the obsession with tanned skin in our country!!! 

Alright so first of I do not intend to offend anybody or anything it’s just my opinion and you can all still go about what you wanna go about you know?! Freedom of speech let’s call it that (ha this intro makes it sound like I’m about to rip into people but I don’t think I will hahaha) 

Right where to start! So I know especially over here in the UK people love a bit of a tan some more some less… And by all means so do I. Isn’t it strange how something actually bad for our skin makes us look healthier on the right doses… Strange, strange world… 

Anyways what I suppose don’t understand when it comes to obsessive tanning is that some people just act Soo careless with their skin!! Sun comes out everyone throws themselves into it and boom half an hour later they look like a bloody crab!! But then it doesn’t stop there after avoiding the sun for a bit and when the skin starts to peel off unattravtively they throw themselves back in the sun with no protection what so ever! 

Like I guess I’m trying to play the preacher here but please just put some sunscreen on… You’ll get just as tanned but it doesn’t hurt your skin! Jesus cancer in any form is awful and to be quite frank to help prevent it by putting on a bit of sunscreen isn’t too much to ask! 

Personally I don’t get why we want to be tanned so badly all year round! You see I’m a natural kinda girl… Haha but if that’s what you prefer perfect just be careful about it!!! Beauty isn’t worth paying every price for especially not your health. 

– preach over – 

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: MariaTheGerman

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