The Stress…

Alright, alright, alright boys and girls… It’s that time.. the time you know before you go on holiday and you feel like you do not have any time???

Like you do not even have time to really start looking forward to your time in the sunshine and all, because…there is no time left!!! I’m going to Tenerife on Sunday, but I feel soo super stressed out lately, because I feel like I do not have anytime to prep! I mean is this just me?? Or does everyone else get just as stressed and freaked out about it all??

I am not even joking, everyday I finish work I feel like I have so much to do…make sure I’ve got enough food and litter for Jagger, make sure all he could potentially need is there and any info my friend might need to look after him is provided.

Have I got everything I will need on holiday? Last minute shopping needed? Jesus have I checked in and booked a bus to the airport? Have I even planned enough time in for me to get to the airport??? When will I pack? What will I pack? How many Suitcases??? How many books? How many shoes?? Is that too much for 10 days? It might be a bit chilly one night? or not? Do I buy shampoo and sun lotion here or at my destination to save room and weight? How much money will I need? Have I sorted everything at work?

Questions, questions, questions you see how my mind works here right?

Haha stressful but yet exciting, I cannot wait. How do you guys deal with pre -holiday stress? Help me out here guys haha

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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4 thoughts on “The Stress…

  1. Oh Sรผsse, alles was Du verschieben kannst verteilst du oder muss bis nach Deinem Urlaub warten. Und wenn du am letzten Tag aus dem Laden gehst.Steckst Du die Firma in eine Schublade und holst sie erst nach dem Urlaub wieder raus.
    Muss Dich nicht so fertig machen, wie Deine Mama frรผher. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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