Bare Faced!!!

Alright, Alright, alright… Jesus it seems like I just haven’t been active enough on here lately and I do apologise…I am trying to cram so much in my little bit of free time that it sometimes turns out to be too much!!!

Nevertheless…I am back… Hello, hello, hello….did you miss me??? Slightly? Come on I know you did..
Anyways….sooo today…let’s talk about a pretty interesting experience I’ve had the other day.

So I had to wake up super early (after as always being up way too late — I know my bad…meh) and I just couldn’t get myself to get up in time to sort my face out (as we love to say…us ladies). Jesus when I just think about it… “sort my face out”, I mean why do we ladies even say that?? Listen to it… it sounds horrible and degrading…when really we should feel amazing without make-up on…

Anyways…I didn’t have enough time to put make-up on so I just decided to stay all natural haha and just put on some nice cream to moisture my skin and off I popped to work. My plan was to put make-up on just before we opened the store (I don’t think I have mentioned yet… I work in retail…you have 3 guesses down below in the comments section which shop…ps if you follow me there are some clues šŸ˜‰ ) but well as it so happens there was no time and so I ended up not wearing make-up all day.

Here is my experience though…I am not gonna lie…I am usually a pretty confident individual and I do not care much for what people think of me or how I look…but nevertheless I feel a little bit more confident with just a little something on my face…and that mainly when I am around people who I know (but who are not necessarily my close friends because they have seen me in all sort of well worse states trust me… you don’t wanna ask them). I am sure some of you have seen my videos on YouTube and I really don’t mind not wearing make-up on them..and hell the whole world can see me (potentially hahaha).

So why is it so strange being without make-up around people who you know but not well enough to be comfortable around them? I do not know to be honest it’s a weird thing in our minds right? I wanna impress people maybe…subconsciously…maybe fear of not being seen as as beautiful? maybe just keeping up an image which these people know of yourself? I certainly don’t know…I knew I felt a bit conscious when I started work but by the time I finished I felt great…and that was all down to these people who I am not close friends with, but who made me feel amazing.

Interestingly enough it was a lot of boys who told me how I looked great without make-up, one even said I looked better without it.. (massive ego boost there trust me hahaha). It just struck me so much of how we are just kinda told by society that this is a certain image we should portray as women in public/jobs or what not and we tag along with it and don’t even fully realise that we really are putting ourselves down because of it.

And just to pick up on my point there that it was mainly guys who told me I looked beautiful without make-up…I am not with no word saying that we women put on make-up for men…I certainly don’t but I do like to enhance my features to make my eyes and lips stand out and mainly, in my eyes…to feel great about myself.

What I am trying to say is…that it shocked me that our own perception of our own beauty is so blurred and messed up because of all the images we see everyday, that it surprised me so much by the positive reaction of my no make-up day.
Really if we think about this…it makes me sad…

So Ladies…everywhere…please do look in the mirror today….naked…and just look at all the beautiful features on your face, your body….and let’s just realise…that we do not always see our own beauty as well as other people do and that should really just give us boosts and make us feel great.

Have you guys had similar experiences?? I’d love to hear about them!!!

So long, so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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Insta: @Maria_The_German

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One thought on “Bare Faced!!!

  1. You’re so right. I very rarely leave the house with no make up and when I do I feel like people are staring….but nobody cares! It’s all in our heads. Well done you for braving it x


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