At it again!!!

Alright, alright, alright… it’s Thursday my lovelies and of course that means… GAMING TIME!!! 3 Free Games is back on! Whohoo!!!

Right so this week we are playing some arcade games because I can actually win at those hahaha

First Game:
Crossy Road – I mean who doesn’t want to be a chicken crossing endless roads, rivers and train tracks??? WHO DOESN’T?

Second Game:
Silly Sausage – Once again, why wouldn’t you wanna be a sausage that can stretch out for miles to collect some fancy diamonds??? WHY NOT??

Third Games:
PAC MAN – The “arcadiest” of them all – The CLASSIC – of course I had to play it!! Side note: “I’m amazing at eating things”

Watch it here guys and let me know which games to check out next:

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: MariaTheGerman


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