Art of thinking!

Alright, alright, alright, Sisters and Brothers…I am back with hopefully a thought provoking piece of literature…(wow I’m hyping myself up here big time…I might take it back).

So today let’s get back into some deeper thoughts and along with us we will take the exceptional art pieces by Francis Bacon. A friend of mine recently introduced me to his works and to be quite honest I am completely in love with them.

The human mind is a crazy but amazing thing, right? I mean thank god I have one otherwise I wouldn’t be able to come up with any of my silly posts…haha although I’m sure some would welcome this. Anyways I find Bacon’s works so intriguing because his portraits are just glimpses of faces. As my friend would say the glimpses you catch when passing someone. I would even say the distorted pictures your mind paints I find mainly in my dreams. You know when you know exactly who you’re interacting with but that person looks different it’s just features your mind, your subconscious has pieced together of that person based on I assume your experiences with that person. (Jesus haha this is all just my thoughts btw!!)

Uhhh our subconscious is a scary and crazy place – have you even ever been there? I mean probably not as that’s why it lays beneath your graspable mind, but I dunno it fascinates me and I’m sure some of you too!

Would love to hear your thoughts guys! Hit me with your mind!


Bacon 124
Bacon 124


So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon guys!

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