Creepy World we live in!

Alright, alright, alright…we’re back for a post my friends. So recently I started listening to stories from the deep web on YouTube…before I go to bed of course! That’s how I roll, like having a little scare before I drift off into dream land, I mean who doesn’t, right? (Can I note I actually dreamt about zombies and stalkers last night after this 😂)

Anyway, so I am wondering are these actually real stories..I mean let’s be honest most probably not…but then again they might be. I’ve never been to the deep web and especially after those stories I’ve heard I am not in any way intrigued to check it out myself. To be quite honest with you it creeps me the fuck out and for some reason I am just super scared I could end up on a page with some creepy stuff on. The thing is you don’t ever really know what you get on the deep web and let’s not forget it’s massive compared to the web we browse. I mean I know it’s full of illegal stuff and it’s origins are untraceable but that just freaks me the heck out, I’m sure it’s the same for you too (right?!)

It’s just all these stories about websites straight out of your last gorey horror movie…and the plain thought that all of it isn’t just something made up by a crazy and talented screenwriter. The thought that there are actually people out there all over the world who are into creepy stuff like that. I don’t even wanna go into detail about the stories I’ve heard and the websites that are out there (if you are really interested go and find out yourself but it always gives me the chills).

It just once again shows us how we don’t really know anything and in today’s society take things for how we see them…but hey let’s not forget there is something lying way deeper than what we see on the surface! In regards to the deep web that’s the dark, creepy things.

So Id love to hear your thoughts! Ever visited the deep web? Any stories you wanna share? Let me know.

So long so fine, stay sexy and I see you soon!

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Insta: @Maria_The_German

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