Gotham…my favourite City!

Alright, alright, alright…what can I say… I’ve been on a bit of an obsession trip the past few days…

I may or may not have fallen in love with the whole Batman Universe DC has created!!! GOSH!!! It’s sooo amazing!!! Not only am I currently playing The Arkham Asylum PS3 game…no but I am also binge watching ‘Gotham’ on Netflix!

Why am I telling you all this??? Well because sometimes (actually scrap that most of the times) I get so excited about things that I just have to simply tell everyone about them!! And this is one of those things. I assume I’ve just spent a little bit too much time with just myself and the cat (uhh and trust me this clearly can be no good…), but I’m sure most of you will agree Batman is one of the most amazing superheroes out there!!!

Let’s quickly think about it… Batman does not have some crazy superpower he strangely acquired somehow by accident or anything. Nooo Sir Bruce Wayne is just a normal guy, who’s become who he is based on the sheer motivation to bring justice to the killer of his parents and Gotham.

Man I can tell you I just love playing the Batman Games!! If you’re into games and you haven’t played them yet oh boy oh boy I tell ya guys you better go play them!! Pretty amazing game.

Let’s get back to the whole Batman universe, the reason why I also love it is because it’s soo dark. Gotham is such a dark city…Batman really is a rather dark superhero – complete opposite to all the Marvel heroes, but that’s why I love it (erm just a side note here…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MARVEL TOO okay?? Okay!). Plus guys let’s be honest…the villains around Batman are just the coolest – just get that Suicide Squad Trailer back into your head… (GOSH IT’S A DREAM).

Anyways…just sharing a passion here with you from friend to friend (yup I see you guys as friends). If you haven’t checked out “Gotham” I do TELL YOU to do so IMMEDIATELY!!! It’s incredible…based around James Gordon’s story and obviously Bruce Wayne becoming the man who will be Batman!

Have any of you seen it?? Any other series I should check out?

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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Insta: @Maria_The_German

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