Mama…I love you!!

Alrigh, alright, alright, boys and girls…I just have to pour my heart out for a bit. What can I say, I spent a lovely day with a friend yesterday and as it so happens we spoke about some childhood anecdotes…and when you talk about Anecdotes from your childhood, one person is sure to be a part of them … – Your MUM!!

Now we all know how important our mums are to us!! They are so special in every way and they are the ones (usually) who teach us so much about life and most importantly LOVE! Unconditional love…the love most valuable of all.

Let me tell you I have the outmost respect for my mother and she has inspired me so much throughout my life (I know I know we all say this and it’s a bit cliché but it’s simply the truth), I just want to dedicate this post to her and honour this woman who made me who I am today! 🙂

Sadly my mum never had this fairytale, happy family relationship. She raised me alone most of my life. Working from early till late all throughout the week, leaving barely any time to spend with me growing up, but did I feel like I didn’t see my mum enough? No, not at all, in fact my mum spent they time she didn’t work solely with me and I have the most beautiful memories of my childhood. She raised me to always work for what I want, to always follow my dreams and aspirations! And I promise you guys, I’ve never felt more supported then by my mother. No matter what crazy idea I put into my head she would be right there next to me supporting me in anyway possible. Of course we may not have always seen eye to eye and because we have such a close relationships telling each other the truth can hurt, but my mum is one of my best friends.

I love going on little holidays with her, because after all the hard work she has done to raise me to be a strong, independent, clever lady, she more than deserves to go and enjoy life and the world!! This woman has recently started all over again by herself and you know what I am so proud of her. Trust me I’m sure we all know especially when you’re 50 and you’ve lived half of your life it isn’t easy to just go back to square one, but she did it so graciously that I can only sit there and admire her for what she does everyday.

Yes I am a proud female through and through and that is because I was raised solely by women (my mum, my nan and my mans sister) and all of them were solely dependent on themselves and I couldn’t be any prouder!!

To all you women and mum’s out there you are fantastic, beautiful, strong and steering your own destiny. Be proud of who you are no matter where in life you are at the moment.

I am so proud of my mum and I lover her to pieces!!

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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