In a second life…

Alright, alright, alright… let’s get back to my philosophical outpours because… LET’S BE HONEST… that’s why y’all here for!!! (probably not but hey leave me thinking it is)

So todays topic is … in a second life… so you know that whole shebang of being reborn as a different animal or what not?? Well, well I thought about this just this moment whilst I was watching mister Jagger… This little fucker actually went to steal my seat…FOR THE SECOND TIME TODAY!! (I know I warmed it up nicely but I think he just wants to be a little dick haha). If I haven’t told you this yet he is a little bully…back when I was living with my flatmate Steph and her cat Rajah he used to go up to Rajah (she was sleeping comfortably in her little basket) and annoys her for so long until she gets up and moves and then he goes and sits where she was sitting just a minute ago….!!!! BULLY!!!!

Nevertheless, I was watching him how he was sitting there peacefully, squinting his eyes and dreaming of chicken (because that’s his favourite these days!!). Like if I was ever reborn I want to be reborn as JAGGER (or any cat in a good household)…because he’s got a beautiful life. All he ever does is sleep most of the day in the most comfortable spots (warm and enough space…because I sometimes get kicked out of my bed haha). He gets food whenever he is hungry and delicious stuff as well and well if it doesn’t please him he will just go on a food strike until the perfect dinner is served (like a said clever little fucker) or he just goes and gets it out of the fridge himself…because “what’s yours is mine” right??

He gets cuddled and played with whenever he wants to and if not he will just walk away (Jagger isn’t one of those mean cats although he likes to bully me he never has hissed at me or scratched me viciously if anything the scratches I get are from rough playing). Man seriously I’d be the perfect cat!! I would LOOVVEE being petted, but I’d be unbeatable at pissing people off…uhhh the joy it would give me hahaha… and then the SLEEP..god I love sleeping anyway!!! So to be able to sleep over 12h a day…Jesus this sounds like haven to me.. FOOD, SLEEP, LOVE, ANNOYING PEOPLE sounds like the best thing ever to me.

So I have decided I shall be reborn as a cat and ideally mister Jagger!!!! That is all folks! What about you? Let me know down below!!

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon!!

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6 thoughts on “In a second life…

  1. Cats seriously have the perfect life, don’t they? Ill be studying on the dining table and look to my left, my cat will be lying on his side on the floor with his tongue sticking out. Lucky bastard.

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