It’s CATURDAY!!!!!

Whoop, whoop, Ladies and Gents …. today is the day that we celebrate internationally the sheer excellence of the King and Queens of the Internet…our CATS!!!

I mean jesus I have seen sooo many cat videos in my life and you know what they never ever get old! If you ask me cats most certainly are the Emperors of the Internet. They actually are one of the most hilarious animal I’ve ever known!! Let me tell you the stuff Jagger does on a daily basis… Oh Lord in heaven I wish I had a camera constantly filming him because dear Lord I’m sure I’d have a viral video by now hahaha.

Anyway so it’s caturday – international cat day and all cats should be treated like the old Egyptians worshipped cats. I know I do worship Mr Jagger everyday and dear god he can be a little shit most times hahaha. But let’s be honest here… anyone who has a pet knows exactly how I feel…It’s like having a child! I am not kidding you…it’s the same money- and time-consuming principle you do out of sheer love!!! Nothing is better than love in this world and unconditional love is one of the most precious. Yes Jagger may “only” be a cat but to me he is my companion, my friend, my little angel and I love him unconditionally!! I do not ever wanna miss this little buddy!!! He brings me joy, laughs and cuddles!! Best thing about cats though is their independence. He reminds me of me sometimes…juts doing what he want’s to do…whether that is eating the chicken he wants out of my fridge (yes OMG he went to open the bloody fridge and took out a sealed pack of chicken to chew open and eat!!!!) or stealing my seat because I warmed it up and he wants to sit there now. Cat’s don’t really care about nothing and yet they are loving creatures and I love them too bits!!!

Have you got a cat who will be celebrated today??

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

ps. I love all animals but Jagger is my baby haha

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German

YouTube: Maria The German

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