Do you know yourself?

Alright, alright, alright…ladies and gents…this could be another question of the year but in a different kinda way. I’m wondering whether you know yourself?

Sure we all “know” ourselves as wide as that goes but what I mean by that is do you actually know and love yourself so much that you enjoy spending time with yourself? I promise you, it’s quite hard for some people to be alone (I mean for me it’s mainly because I’m a nutter and a nerd) and I can assure you the least would admit this. This weird phenomenom is hugely common in our generation and why is that? Once again the beautiful technology which enables me to share this with you (and I am super happy about that) has turned us inot social media zombies (and those are not the cool kinda zombies haha). It’s hard for most of us to leave Facebook, Twitter, instagram and what not alone for 10 min…the craving not wanting to miss out…sharing anything and everything and the addiction of seeing how many people have seen and liked it. Trust me it is worse than we realise and wanna admit. I remember panicking about my phone dying but now I’m thankful when I run out of data or my phone is off…it makes you take in your surroundings more intensively.

Anyway so because of all of the technology and social media we find it hard to be alone and get bored so easily when I find it one of the most valuable things in my life to be able to spend time with just me and no one else! Jesus, I take it as far as going to the cinema alone, concerts, cafes, restaurants you name it… this is where you get to know yourself so much more than ever. With no one else around you to influence you, you make decisions solely based on what you want and what you like! So once you’ve done that ask yourself again do you know yourself and can you live with that person and be content?

I can definitely answer this with a yes! I’m doing what I enjoy, I’m reading about what I wanna know, I m ow what makes me tick, what I like and dislike. I know myself, do you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

Twitter: @mariathegerman

Insta: @Maria_The_German


2 thoughts on “Do you know yourself?

  1. Another great post Maria. Being an only child I’m pretty comfortable with my own company ( I’ve had a lot of it these 22 years!) and enjoy it very much if I’m honest! I’ve always found it important not to be forced to depend on others for ones own happiness and fulfilment. Of course it is incredible sharing times and experiences with those around you but in this fast paced day and age where everyone is so busy getting on in the rat race you can’t expect and depend on people to always have the time to spend when it is convenient to you.

    I often find a quiet solace in my own companionship, and it gives me a nice touch of reality sometimes just going out for a coffee by myself or taking in an exhibition or park. As you so rightly said when you do these activities by ones self, your opinion is the one that matters. And it is a breath of fresh air to be able to appreciate and accept ones own un diluted views of the world. A quote to relate that springs to mind is ‘ when you learn to love your own company, you become far more careful who you spend it with’. I honestly believe that couldn’t ring more true!

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