Wanna hear about a love story??

No?? … Well neither do I because it is kinda frustrating me these days… (haha yes as you may have now guessed I am an independent, strong, single lady – boom, baby!!)

Haha, no this isn’t a conventional love story… someone meets someone and blah blah blah.. This is about a seat in a theatre and me… A very special theatre… a movie theatre!!! This is the love story between me and the cinema.

Right, so let me get right in there, I am a lover of many things (you gotta be open and try new things y’all) and when I love something be it books, games, music, what not… I get extremely passionate about it (Jeez ask my friends when I tell them about something I recently fell in love with hahaha). So as it happens I am a huge movie enthusiast and I do enjoy my movies most in a dark cinema with some popcorn, sweets and a drink. You wanna know why?? (if not stop reading now haha) Because the whole process of going to the movie theatre, choosing a film, getting snacks to then sitting down and indulging fully into the movie is just simply bliss. It’s the hardest experience to recreate at home (don’t get me wrong I love a good movie night at home) it’s so much harder to fully dive into the action on screen with so many distractions around (well I mean I’ve got Jagger constantly wanting my attention *meow*).

The best feeling I get out of my weekly cinema visits is that I felt like I was part of the story: I rooted for my favourites, I cried with my heroes, I laughed with my friends, got creeped out and scared (sometimes screaming my heart out haha) or just felt empowered and most importantly inspired. Isn’t it just simply the best when you leave the cinema and you feel like you could conquer all? Like you’ve become a better human being?? I promise you, this is an experience you can hardly ever get anywhere else but the cinema.

I’m too excited for the preview screening of The Fantastic Four tonight with my cinema buddy (ps. you all need one of those, although I do sometimes like going by myself but that’s another story).

Any film suggestions just leave a comment!!

So long so fine, stay sexy and see you soon.

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