Ohhh… The Greed…

Alright, alright, alright…First of all… I do apologise for not posting yesterday, but sadly life got in the way… well more work than life to be honest but hey gotta support myself and the kitty somehow, right?

Anyways… I’M BACK!! and today I want to express my feelings towards our culture based on greed. I’m sure some of you will have come across this common mindset in people who are just never satisfied with anything and can never appreciate anything. Right, don’t get me wrong here folks, I do not think that striving for more and being passionate and driven is a bad thing – absolutely not at all (because I’m just like that…all about the passion, baby!!), what I am trying to say is that I feel like now-a-days we expect to receive more and more and simply can’t appreciate the things we do get. Again, I do get it especially in a city as pricey as London that every little helps (haha sorry had to use this slogan here), but I feel like if there are little extra things given to us we just simply dismiss them because it’s not a huge pay rise or that mega bonus we want or the iPhone 6 we asked or but instead it was just a handmade present. Just because it might not be massive or what doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with good intentions and to show appreciation of someone or/and their work.

It kinda goes back to what I mentioned before in my post “Netflix binging my way“, there are people, tribes out there who just appreciate being alive, with their loved ones and having food and shelter. Yes, yes I know we live in a different world, for us that’s normality (not for all sadly and it’s even harder for those) and we strive for other things (material possessions mainly and sadly). I guess all I am trying to say is that it makes me sad sometimes, when you give a little finger and people just expect and think they deserve the whole hand.

Yep I am being that lame-o (although really it’s not lame at all y’all) but seriously sit back today for 5 minutes and just think of all the great things you’ve got in your life and in our case I don’t necessarily mean just a roof over our head and food (but be appreciative of that too). I mean just little things like…I am so happy that even though I’m far from home (home of the Lederhosen and Sauerkraut haha), I can call and speak to my mum and friends whenever I need to! I am soo thankful I got my little companion and he’s a healthy happy kitty! There’s plenty of things to be appreciative off and I sincerely hope our world doesn’t end up in a place simply driven by greed…

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon!

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2 thoughts on “Ohhh… The Greed…

  1. I read a great quote this morning, ‘ People are made to be loved and things are made to be used, the confusion in this world is that people are used and things are loved’ and feel that it relates to this post in many ways. We can’t take possessions to the grave with us and the legacy of what we leave behind is rarely the possessions we bought but merely the memories we left with our loved ones and friends. It’s the simple things in life so often that create these cherished memories, the spontaneous laughs that we give people, the random compliment or small good deed that we do will always mean the most. If we appreciated the smaller things in life more often we would be so much more satisfied as humans and fulfilled in life. Why love what is disposable and can never return those feelings , savour, enjoy and appreciate but put the energy of your Love in human nature and life itself and reap the endless rewards.

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