The Parting Game…

Alright, Alright, Alright… Ladies and Gents please fear not… this is no blog post about the parting of my or your hair… no no…it’s a much more intense and important topic.

This is a post about the emptiness but weirdly enough at the same time the fullness you feel after finishing a book or in my case today a video game (yeah I know I ruined it but what can I do I am a little video game fan, OKAY?!). I’m sure we’ve all been there before right? You turn over the last page of your book, finish the final chapter of your game and then…yeas then what? Is this really it? You’ve spent ages with this story and those characters, you’ve grown to like some and dislike others, you’ve been rooting for them, you’ve been excited, you felt like you were part of the story…and then…it’s just over. I sometimes really hate finishing a game (literally I will drag it out as long as possible). I suppose most people hate goodbyes and when we finish something it’s kind of a goodbye to those characters and their story (alas unless there is a sequel to it…uhhh but then that waiting game…a complete different story haha). I’m sure some of you do the same, I will just sit there take everything in that happened throughout the story and think about it… think about it and smile, because as mentioned before it fulfils me with joy and happiness. Yes I am sad that I have to leave those characters, places and stories behind and at times it makes me feel empty as it’s a bit like losing a part of you (haha how cheesy but it’s true).

The good thing is though that we have the opportunity to always, always go back…just open the book again and start reading again…replay the game, the story and dive into a world far from our reality. That nice escape that I feel like is so needed every now and again in this crazy world we live in.

What do you guys think? Favourite Books/Games?

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon.

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