Question of the Year…?

Alright, Alright, Alright…So I am sorry but I couldn’t help myself…I couldn’t stop laughing and then I wanted to cry and maybe this is all a bit mean (but maybe I am just a meany), but seriously it makes me wonder and worry about our future generations and what is happening to knowledge about the simple things. We might be opening up a debate here… sooo I suggest you grab yourself a chair, sit down and relax because the show’s about to start!

Right so I saw this post on Facebook today and I was (hmm how to put it nicely) shocked. Like at first I am thinking ‘okay surely this is a joke, a pun or a frape’… but nope… NOPE it wasn’t. This person tells us all in shock that Eggs are not dairy…. Wait…What??? Eggs are not dairy?? How on earth? I thought they were produced out of the milk coming out of a cows udder or let’s be a bit more broad it could’ve been a sheep or lambs or even horses as well.

Okay jokes aside – I know it’s a common misbelief but no, eggs are not dairy they are an animal by-product, but not dairy. Yes, if you are lactose intolerant you are welcome to still consume plenty of eggs in any form unless mixed with milk (which I do to my scrambled eggs…yummi).

Why this has struck me so much though that I decided to post about it, is that it scarily shows off under what level of education we live in this world reigned by digital devices and Google. Stop right there… I know not all are privileged enough to be able to receive great eduction or even any (which is another different but sad story), but I still feel like instead of learning and discovering ourselves, we trust what’s been put in front of us more. Let’s be honest, I mean it’s been some years since I’ve been at school and all, but back in the day I loved learning about anything and everything. Back in those days you had to read through books, speak to people in person and what not, to find out what you were after (not just a “errmm I google it” thingy).

Really this could be George Orwell’s ‘1984’, were history and facts can simply be replaced…rewritten and no one questions it. I personally think the beauty of life is to discover and explore things – to learn about our world and anything we want to.

In these words let’s switch off our phone and Google and go and explore with just our senses (gosh I know this was all a bit heavy and philosophical but #sorrynotsorry)

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon!

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3 thoughts on “Question of the Year…?

  1. Very interesting post!
    I have to agree that the “education” we are given in today’s society is clearly lacking the aspect of true knowledge. We are actually just taught things that are thought to be true but actually are not known to be.
    Another example (besides eggs not being dairy) would be the fact that as young children we are taught that we ONLY have five senses in the human body… That is quite untrue and in all actuality quite insulting to humans. Where does the ability to feel love and jealousy fit in then in these “5 senses”?! It doesn’t.
    Humans have the tendency to not like change… Which is what I think is the greatest demise of knowledge in our generation.

    -Truth Seeker

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  2. Interesting post as always!

    Unfortunately, there’s too many “Googly thing” situations. Hopefully, the future generation will realise the value of actually learning through books and talking to people in order to get a wide common knowledge and not only Google things that interests them.

    Looking forward to your next post! x

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