Please let me introduce…

Alright, alright, alright…It is about time I introduced you to the king of my flat and heart (trust me I certainly do not own anything it’s all his)…JAGGER (or Jags, Agger, Eggs, Jack The Ripper lol…he’s got many names).

This little baby has been with me for 3 years now (yup yup since he was a tiny little kitten and he could comfortably sit on my shoulder). I’m sure any animal lover will totally understand the love I feel for this little fellow or I suppose I am just a crazy cat lady hence the intense love for this buddy.

Nevertheless, Jagger ain’t no ordinary cat nah-uh…Jagger is a Toyger so a mix of a Tabby and a Bengal. And lord in heaven trust me this boy is very demanding. He talks all day (in fact more than most girls), he’s a little diva (fussy little fellow) and funnily enough he acts like a dog! Yes, yes, I shit you not, this cat plays fetch with you. He will bring me his mouse put it in front of me and meow for me to throw it – he then goes of fetches it and asks again for it to be thrown. I always find this extremely amusing! Oh dear you won’t believe what he does with his favourite of toy mice…he treats them like they are his little friends…They eat (chuffed in his food bowl), they have to drink (yep they always end up in his water fountain) and yes I have even sometimes found them in his litter (because they were clearly dying for a wee). He also extremely hates when I am on the phone to someone…haha I mean of course how could a little electronic device get more attention than this beautiful boy, right? He’ll just come up and bite in my phone, it’s quite funny but can also be a pain haha.

Oh he’s a special little fellow and I am sure to be posting up any particularly hilarious stories of our lives together.

Anything you wanna know about Jagger or Toygers just drop me a comment.

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon.

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