Pac man my superhero!

Alright, alright, alright everybody…Time to share my love for video games of all sorts. Yes, yes I am a girl but I am in love with video games. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself to be extremely good at them or anything but at least I can finish them and it brings me huge joy (and you can ask my cat because he gets annoyed for not getting my attention…needy little thing haha).

Now why am I bringing this up? Well I thought you might wanted to know a bit more about me (I mean come on we are still getting to know each other aren’t we??), but I really just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed “Pixels” the movie. I know a lot of people have been hating on it, but do I care? No, because I had a fun time and that’s all I worried about (oh and my friend I suppose as it was her pre-birthday thing but don’t worry she enjoyed it too). It’s probably mainly because I’m a geek and I have actually played all of the games referenced in the film (nostalgia…nostalgia), but also because well it actually made me laugh (and as far as I am aware that’s what comedies are supposed to do, right?). Yeah sure it was silly and all (although it would be kinda awesome for this to really happen), but it was funny and geeky and cool and I had a great time. So if any of you appreciate a film you can laugh about go ahead and watch it and especially if you’re, like me, a fan of old-school video games. Man…who doesn’t remember Donkey Kong? Jesus I loved it but it drove me mad at the same time haha and of course PAC MAN… where would we be without this little guy. Seriously, let’s not forget when Google gave us the option to play PAC MAN on an actual street map (which was awesome right??). So just to keep it short and sweet I spent a great day with a great friend to celebrate her birthday (Happy Birthday!!) in the cinema watching awesome, geeky, films #score! #

Right right, which movies are a must much?

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon.

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