Netflix binging my way…

Alright, alright, alright…Gosh these rainy days, you just gotta love them. I’m sorry but it’s so nice to stay inside and just rejoice on your alone time (or shared with my kitti in my case haha). Anyways I’ve voiced my love for rainy days previously so let’s not dwell on that.

But what those days offer us is the chance to binge watch on Netflix. Usually I am not a series kinda girl, which is mainly due to me not having the time or patience to keep up with a series (Yes I am so sorry but I have not watched OITNB nor am I into GOT. Sorry not sorry). Haha the only series I’ve ever watch are The Walking Dead (because HELLO zombies and Norman Reedus?!) and House (because really I’m just a female version of House). So when I have a day off and it’s chucking it down I do decide to turn on my Netflix but not to start any of those super popular series – no I fire it up to binge watch on Documentaries.

Documentaries are the best thing in the world to be precise and I cannot get enough. I strongly believe there is nothing better you can do then learn as much as possible about anything you are interested in (and boy I hope it’s everything).

Obviously right on the top of documentaries are any BBC one’s voiced by David Attenborough. So most of the time when I indulge in documentaries I start putting things into perspective. Jesus, think about it… we get caught up in our busy lives, mobile phones, internet, dating, socialising, catching up on our favourite TV series…etc.etc. but out there in the rest of the world there are people living happily with just themselves, their family and their so important animal helpers. It makes me realise and appreciate even more the things that I am blessed to call mine. Hey and I am not undermining the hard work any of us are doing. I know how hard I have to work to afford living in London and I’m sure all of you all over the world are doing the same, but what I mean is we don’t really need much to live and be happy with, if we weren’t so blinded by all those material things that are supposedly here to make us happy.

Highly recommend Human Planet – absolutely fascinating how our species survives anywhere in this world.

What do you guys think? Any documentaries I should check out?

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon.

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