Oh my…I’m in love!

Alright, alright, alright… OH MY… The Capital Collection is here and I am in love!!!

Right, so I know this isn’t what my posts are usually about but I am a girl as well (yeah yeah I know you wouldn’t think so) and I do have a love for fashion so I kinda just felt obliged to share this with you all.

AllSaints are turning 21 this year and as we all know when we turn 21 we reach adulthood and we kinda wanna be a bit more sophisticated and grow up. Well Jesus, what better way to do this than introducing us to this beautiful collection of high quality leather bags.

So far AllSaints have been known for their quality leather jackets, especially their biker styles (which guess what I am also in love with), so why not take the leather game to the next level and create an epic bag collection. Just like their leather jackets the bags are made of the finest leathers (napa, lamb, calf) and yes I am an animal friend also so do not worry their leathers are “all sourced in ethical ways” and finished off to the highest standards.

Here are my 3 favourite bags of this collection: The Paradie Satchel Bag, The Club Bucket, The Paradise Shoulder Bag and The Paradise North South Tote.

What’s your verdict?

So long so fine, stay freaky and see you soon.

CapitalColl_Still_4 CKc8SGOWgAAt8OT CapitalColl_Still_3 2_allsaints_vogue-17july15-pr_b_320x480

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