Them rainy days…

Ahhh them beautiful, rainy days…believe it or not I do love them a hell of a lot and that’s not because I don’t like the sun – hell no me and sun have a very intense love relationship which unfortunately turns out to be seasonal *sigh*.

No, I love them rainy days, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an excuse to stay at home in your bed in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate or tea (I mean which ever you prefer I am a tea kinda girl although today I indulged in a sexy hot chocolate…mama mia) to then either watch a great movie of your choice (usually with the weather goes a nice chic flick to ball your eyes out or in contrary a great thriller – dark and spooky) or to simply dive into a great book.

Ahhh them beautiful, rainy days… I couldn’t wait to get home after work today. I already had it all planned out in my mind: some lovely, calorie heavy, heartwarming comfort food (creamy pasta my favourite) and them some triple chocolate muffins along with my hot chocolate and all whilst I am watching a movie.

I’m sure everyone will admit when it’s this dark and rainy outside all you wanna do is snuggle up at home. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to me (haha I know once again I am a pretty lame and simplistic person… all about the small things in life). Just being at home and at peace with yourself and your own company. Seriously not a lot of people are able to enjoy their own company anymore. (Here comes the cynic part haha) In an age so controlled and connect with the need to constantly be part of a life online and other peoples life it is pretty hard to just enjoy yourself on your own (and noo you naughty, dirty minded people hahaha not that kinda self-enjoyment).

Me, personally I love spending time on my own, in fact I need it to stay sane (trust me I’d be even more nuts than I already am). I mix it up: movie, book, playstation, writing…there’s plenty to make my mind wonder.

Ah how much I love them rainy days!

Stay freaky and see you soon.


3 thoughts on “Them rainy days…

  1. If you are “pretty lame” then I am too :D. Yes, yes to that dark brooding day of heavy rain that open the flood gates to everyone doing their thing, so I can mine. I feel you on the alone time, no disturbance to just do you and a rainy day provides that: time to watch that movie which has been on a To Watch List for months, to finish that lovely book or just to cozy up listening to the rain soothing you to sleep.

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