It’s time we talked about this Tinder Thing?!

Okay now I ain’t trying to be no Carry Bradshaw here and I’m sure there are plenty of posts out there covering this debacle but nevertheless here’s the deal:

As a slightly awkward person I find it rather hard to meet someone who would like to go on a date with me the traditional way (well it’s either that or I am just not admitting to myself how picky I am). I just don’t know how to do it all and I get a bit weird and shy and it just never happens.

SOO the solution for people like me is…guess what online dating. Now there are plenty of options to choose from but they all kind of…well…make you rate a person based on their looks and little “about my ego section and how I love to portray myself to potential love interest”. You then have a bit of awkward conversations where you’re trying to come across as witty and fun (you do not understand how stressful this can be) to eventually decide to go on an actual date.

Now, that part first of all, was the one that freaked me out the most!!! As mentioned earlier I am slightly awkward and shy and it was so daunting meeting someone I’ve only texted with (let’s be honest for all we know he could be a psychopath or just super awkward like me). I kept texting my girls to remind me to “never do this again” and that I “wanna cry”. I know, I know sounds pretty dramatic but it was pretty intense for me!!

So once I finally got over myself and met the gentlemen in question – I’ve got to say it was a huge relief to find out that I wasn’t on a date with Norman Bates (I do hope everyone gets this reference to Hitchcock’s “Psycho”). You find it easy to chat and the evening turns out to be rather fun…UNTIL… your date in question starts telling you about his Tinder Date experiences. I mean, excuse me if I am not familiar with the date etiquette now-a-days but as far as I am aware things like this are a complete NONO. Maybe of course he thought this was entertaining and all but to be frank all I thought was “You are a serial Tinder Dater, you do this all the time and probably will go home with another story to add to the list”. To top it off he wants to get some desert and gets you to pay (£30!!!) as he already paid for the dinner. Okay please DO NOT get me wrong here… I am an independent woman I earn my own money I do the keeping for myself, okay? But if I get asked out for dinner for a first date I am gonna be old school and expect the gentlemen to pay.

All of this doesn’t matter though when it comes to the spark! One thing online dating will never be able to replace is the chemical connection between two human beings…THE SPARK! You can only ever experience this in person and if it’s not there it’s just not there and you can be on many beautiful dates and the guy can be super funny and all but if there is no spark it’s not worth it. Same goes the other way round maybe if there would’ve been a spark I wouldn’t have minded the tinder date references because I would’ve been mesmerised.

Soo what can I say…it’s easier to find that spark and connection the traditional way, but you can meet a hell lot of great people via those apps. Whatever works I suppose but I’ll still end up a happy Cat-Lady nonetheless haha.

Stay freaky and see you soon!

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