What’s a pen pal?!?

Okay maybe this post is a bit lame…but hey I am a nerd, a geek, a full-on weirdo and I am quite lame to some people sometimes. Do I care?? Not in the slightest so here it goes:

Jesus half of you out there probably don’t even know how to hold a pen anymore, but I shit you not… there was a time before phones and computers and Siri and what’s app and it’s not even that long ago.

Back in the day I actually had quite a few pen pals (okay I forgot to explain what this is…it’s someone ideally on the other side of the world with whom you exchange actual handwritten letters and so get to know them and their culture) and in our digital age I kinda missed receiving letters which weren’t bloody bills telling me how much I have spend on my credit card.

So I decided to go and find myself a friend somewhere else in the world to exchange letters with. Now I’m not gonna lie to you, giving some stranger your address can be quite daunting (thank you media you’ve done your part – scaring the shit out of us for anything we do ha), but hey I’ve made an exceptional friend and I can already say that.

Now, we do not solely write letters to each other we also write regular emails (I mean at the end of the day this is a lot quicker and I wanna keep my sister on the other side of the world updated) but it’s the idea and thought that counts and the little special things we exchange (photos, books, tea…).

Right so now I highly recommend you all go get up and find yourselves a pen pal and get writing. You might find a true gem somewhere on this planet you would’ve never thought of going! (God I can be so cheesy sometimes – excuse me)

Stay freaky and see you soon!


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