Here I am!

Hello world as they suggest for my first blog post!

I am super excited to be starting this blog. I know many won’t care but maybe some of you will and that would be awesome!!
I know it is traditionally a much better idea to keep your blog focused around one topic be it fashion, games, films, travels, photography… and many many more. Find your niche they say…it’ll help you get readership they say…

Well to be quite honest I don’t really care and maybe a few months down the line I will have learned a lesson or….I might have taught the blogging sphere a lesson. All I can say is… WE SHALL SEE!

I do believe though I should maybe get you all a bit interested or kinda fill you in with what my blog might be about…well take a wild guess it’s named after me… so it will probably be…*drumroll* TADA about ME!!!! hahaha because let’s face it I am awesome!

Okay jokes aside (and seeing as I am German I have an excuse for making rubbish jokes) I wanna blog just about anything that inspires me, interests me and just excites me. Yes like the picture suggestions that can range from games (yup I actually do play and finish games my friends) to CATS, movies, books, music, people, places, aliens… anything that pops into my mind and I feel you should know about.

So without further ado let the fun commence.

Stay freaky and see you soon!

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